Frequently Asked Questions

Who can live in an Affordable apartment?

If an apartment is designated as Affordable, that apartment can only be rented to a resident who meets the income limitations that are set by the government under the Low Income Tax Credit Program. Each community has different levels of affordability, which are designated by Level 0, I, II, and III. Level 0 is the most affordable, but has the greatest limitation on income. Most communities have Level I and II only, while some also have a few units at Level 0 and III.

Who can live in a Market Rate apartment?

Anyone can live in a market rate apartment, so long as they meet the age restriction of the community, which is typically 55 or 62 years old. In a market rate apartment, the owner determines the rent each year and the resident does not need to adhere to any restrictions on income.

Is the rent subsidized?

No, the rent is not subsidized in an Affordable apartment. The rent is simply capped by the government each year, based on area median income.

What is “Independent Living”?

To live in a senior community that is considered “Independent Living”, you must be able to take care of your day-to-day living needs, such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Regular daily assistance is not included and staff is only on-site during normal business days/hours. That being said, we try to provide services through the Summit Experience, that will make your life easier as you get older, like optional meals and an on-site hair salon. You can also choose to hire a provider such as the Visiting Nurse Association to assist you with certain aspects of your daily living, which may prolong your ability to remain independent in your apartment. All of our Independent Living communities are designed to attract healthy and vibrant residents who want to continue living their lives fully.

How is household income calculated?

To calculate your income and determine if you qualify for an Affordable apartment, we add up all your wages, social security, pensions, regular distributions from retirement accounts, and any other recurring payments for each member of the household. We then look at assets, such as home ownership, bank accounts, 401K, whole life insurance, stocks, and CDs.  A small percentage of your assets (.06%) is added to your regular recurring income, and that determines your total household income. NOTE: There are some other rules and regulations, that may pertain to your situation, which our Compliance Officer can determine once your application has been submitted.

If my household income changes, does my rent also change?

Your household income DOES NOT determine your rent payment. The rent is capped and set by the government, based on area median income, not YOUR income. However, in order to qualify to live in an Affordable apartment, you must not exceed a set income limit. There is a very rare instance that someone’s income goes up substantially after they have initially qualified under the set income limit.  In that rare case, you could be required to start paying market rate rent, but each community is different. Check with the Community Manager if you have further questions regarding large changes in income.

Do you accept Section 8?

Yes, choice or portable Section 8 vouchers are accepted at all of our communities. If the voucher standard amount does not completely cover the entire rent due, the resident will be responsible for paying the remainder.

How long is the wait list?

Typically, our waitlists run anywhere from 1-6 months. Waitlists can be longer for the very low rent units, due to such high demand and very few units at that price point. However, in most cases, it is very likely that we will be able to offer you an apartment within a few months of your application date. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to submit their application and paperwork as soon as they know they are interested in moving.  Once you have applied, the Community Manager will be able to better estimate your wait time.

Do you charge an application fee?

There is no application fee to apply.

Do you allow pets?

We do not allow pets at any of our communities. If you are disabled and require a service animal, you should discuss this with the Community Manager or Leasing Manager when you apply. Verification of the disability, and the need for the service animal, may be required.

Do you allow smoking?

No. All of our communities are smoke free and no smoking is allowed in any building or on the grounds of the property.

Can I have a live-in caregiver?

Yes, you can have a live-in caregiver, if you require assistance with your day-to-day living. You should discuss this with the Community Manager or Leasing Manager when you apply. A verification of the need for a live-in caregiver may be required.