The Summit Experience

The Summit Experience can be summed up in three simple words: flexible, affordable, and welcoming. When the owners of Summit Senior Living built their first community back in 1995, the concept was derived from a lack of affordable living options in senior housing. Their mission was to create independent senior living that was not expensive, yet provided services that residents could access when and if they ever needed them. And, they wanted there to be a sense of community and neighborhood-feel that fostered involvement, socializing, and living life to its fullest- staying FOREVER YOUNG!

From that initial idea came the Summit Experience, which allows for independent seniors to make choices based on their own personal needs and desires. The Summit Café is affordable and optional. The Peak Wellness program through the Visiting Nurse Association is affordable and optional. The Forever Young Social Life is affordable and optional. The Transportation Services are affordable and optional. Although paying your rent is not optional, it is very affordable and there are no other initiation fees, service fees, or ongoing monthly fees. Bottom line: everything about the Summit Experience is affordable and optional.

Summit Senior Living Communities are located across Vermont, New Hampshire and upstate New York. See all of our communities here.

Summit Café

Café your way!  The Summit Café offers meals that are healthy, convenient, and affordable! Being able to enjoy a meal with friends and neighbors, without the burden of cooking or dishes, is very appealing to many of our residents. However, if you are the type of person who loves to cook, you can still opt to do that as well. The beauty is- it’s your choice!

Each community has a dining room where meals are served 3-5 times per week. On-site chefs prepare meals which residents can attend as they like. All meals are affordable to residents at $7-$12.00/meal, and residents can decide which meals they want to attend based on the monthly menu options. Whatever works for your schedule, your appetite, your friends & family- you are in the driver’s seat.  Unlike some communities that provide three meals a day no matter if you eat them or not, at Summit Café you will never pay for a meal that you don’t eat and you never have to eat a meal that you don’t want!

Peak Wellness with the Visiting Nurse Association

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.” – Thomas Fuller

Nothing is more important in this life than our health. All of our residents live independently and therefore we do not offer 24-hour nursing care. However, we do understand that from time to time, injuries can occur or everyday tasks can become a little more difficult. Through our Peak Wellness program, residents can not only stay on top of their health and wellness, but they can lean on the Visiting Nurse Association when they need to. Foot care, medication sorting, injections, housekeeping, and meal prep, are just a few things that the VNA can assist residents with, if and when they ever need it.

Like all of our services, the Peak Wellness program is optional for residents. If you NEVER need a little extra help from the nurses, you NEVER need to pay for it. But, should you choose to participate in preventative care or need more services from the nurse at any point, the Peak Wellness program with the Visiting Nurse Association is there to assist.

Fitness classes are also available onsite as a part of our Forever Young calendar. Tai Chi, Yoga, Strength & Balance are a few examples of the fun classes offered at the Summit Senior Living Communities.

Forever Young Social Life

“We don’t quit playing because we grow old; We grow old because we quit playing.” ― Sukhraj S. Dhillon author of Forever Young: How to Fight the Aging Process

Your social calendar has never been this full! Residents at our communities enjoy a host of social and cultural events at the communities and beyond. Movie night, coffee hour, games, parties, live music, fitness classes, book club, and trips to local attractions are just a few that are happening weekly. Participate as much or as little as you like, but you will never be lacking for something to do or someone to do it with. At a Summit community, you can stay FOREVER YOUNG by finding the things that you love to do!

Transportation Services

Transportation is key to independence. Each community offers different transportation options, but all have at least some sort of bus service that will get residents to and from grocery shopping, doctors’ appointments, outings, and more. There is ample parking at all communities should you choose to have a car, and some communities offer heated parking. Contact the Community Manager for more details on what transportation is available at your community of interest.

Hair Salon

Yet another convenience of living in a Summit Community- the Hair Salon. No need to find transportation or go out in the weather in order to get your hair cut or colored.  Many of our communities have a hair salon located right on site and residents love this convenience!


Living that fits your budget! The Summit Experience philosophy was born out of the premise that options create affordability. All of the services offered at each community are optional and each resident can pick and choose what they need, when they need it. In addition, your affordable monthly rent, which ranges from $700-$1600/month, includes all your utilities and there are NO ENTRY FEES or other monthly fees to pay. We also offer hassle-free access to discounted telephone, internet and cable television at our communities. These services are available solely to our senior living residents. Please see the Communities page for further information on services offered at each location. Add to that that there are no additional maintenance costs like lawn mowing, snow plowing, house up-keep, boiler repairs, etc. and now we are truly affordable to anyone!

Welcoming Team

There is nothing like being new to the neighborhood and not knowing anyone. Luckily, at all our communities, we’ve thought about that! Our Welcoming Team will introduce you to the whole community and how everything works. From meals to trash pick-up, transportation options to the social calendar, you will be able to familiarize yourself with everything the community has to offer within days of your move-in. Welcome home!

The Summit Experience